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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 12, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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myself, the expectation would be okay, you said you're very interested in this. let's sit down and let's pen something out and see how we can go forward. one last question. >> can we get you to clarify your answer to julie's question about the budget. when you're saying the president is interested in outcomes and you come from an academic environment, is the president saying that the labor department has evaluated all the existing programs for recommending cutting grants for workplace support for young people, seniors, agriculture, adults who have been displaced. are you saying you e evaluated those programs because they are not working or because the president nearly does not want to spend the money? >> as you pointed out, i come from an academic setting. it used to be that the question
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of whether a university or how is doing well was a function of how much the university spent. in florida you're now seeing questions like what is your graduation rate. how many students are holding jobs. so you're seeing a focus on outcome. the point was trying to make was that we tend in washington to simply say how much more money can we spent ob something rather than let's think outside the box and try to solve a problem. i think we owe it to the american taxpayer that is ultimately footing this bill to focus less on how much we spend and more on whether, in fact, the problems are being solved. so thank you very much.
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>> i appreciate you coming by today. as we get back to what's going on today, i wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the three service members that were killed this weekend in afghanistan. the incident is currently under investigation, but our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these american heroes who lost they've liir li this tragic event. it's workforce week here at the white house. so that's going to be a major emphasis for the administration who are also moving ahead on several other tums on the president's domestic ask foreign policy agenda. today the department of agriculture released guidance for american beef producers who are preparing to ship u.s. beef to chinese markets for the first time since 2003. as e we announced last month as part of the u.s. china action plan that follow ed up on the meeting with president xi, china agreed to reopen this $2.5 billion market to american
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ranchers and cattle producers before the market was closed the u.s. was china's largest supplier of beef. the actions today are an important first step in the process of reopening this lucrative market to american businesses. tomorrow the vice president will be speaking at the department of health and human services about the continuing death spiral of obamacare and why we need to keep our president to the american people and e repeal and replace it with an alternative as soon as possible. this weekend the president was in wisconsin was there tomorrow when he met with americans who lost their doctors and a lot of their hope for this failing law. as the vice president said on saturday, president trump will never stop fighting for those families who are facing impossible choices every day as premiums and deductionables
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continue to skyrocket. at the staff level as we work towards consensus plan to deliver middle class and tax implication for everyone. national director continue to listen to members of congress from both sides of the aisle. and director will lead later this week. meetings have been productive and tax reform is well on track for the president to sign later this year. together the three pillars of tax reform and repeal and replace of obamacare are key to reaching the president's goal of a booming and vibrant american economy. and the administration is going to work every day to turn the president's promises into policies. looking ahead on friday, the president's commission on combatting drug addiction will nemeet here. the meeting will be open to the public through a live stream on president trump will welcome the
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indian prime minister to the white house on june 26th. he looks forward to discussing the ways to strengthen our ties between the united states and india and advancing our common priorities fighting terrorism, promoting economic growth and reforms and expanding security cooperation in it the pacific region. the two leaders will look to outline a common vision for the partnership that's worthy of india's 1.6 billion citizens. before i take questions, i want to wish the 41st president george bush a happy 93rd birthday. i hope he has a fantastic day. and with that, i will take your questions.
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>> i know and we have red these out a few times, but the president and prime minister have had a number of positive phone conversation asks expect to further that discussion when they meet in person on june 26th. as i mentioned a a moment ago, whether it's economic growth or reforms, fighting terrorism, expanding cooperation, u.s. and india trade has grown six fold from $19 billion to $115 billion in 2016 and the indian economy is grow iing at over 7%. u.s. energy and technologies including natural gas are helping to build prime minister mody's vision for a new india and creating thousands of jobs in the ross. you can expect the two of them to set forth a vision to expand the partnership in both countries. >> your talked about the arrangement. is that beginning today?
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>> they will have more details ob the process moving forward. the announce the is coming from them today. >> i think the announcement is coming today. >> on steel and aluminum review that the administration is doing, the president said and was quoted this one of the reports saying there's legislation being drafted on anti-dumping. the 232 process goes to congress any way. was he referring to additional legislation or the review that was reported by secretary ross. >> when that comes out, there are recommendations that will be made to congress to address anti-dumping provisions in the steel and aluminum markets. when that comes out, i think there will be recommendations to congress to follow up on how to rectify some of the problems. >> a couple questions. does president trump have audio
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reportings of his conversations and meetings with the former fbi director? >> the president made clear that e he would have an announcement shortly. >> any time line? >> when the president is ready to make it. >> from the perspective of primp, what role did jeff sessions play in the firing of james comey? >> i'm not going to discuss private conversations between the president and attorney general. >> do you believe he should invoke executive privilege between himself and the president? >> i think it depends on the scope of the questions and it would be to get to a hypothetical at this point would be premature. >> in any way did jeff sessions folks at the doj ask for the white house's permission for him to testify publicly tomorrow? >> i don't know the answer to that question. congress generally speaking sets the whether a hearing is open or
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closed based on the sensitivity of the subject. >> he's going to testify. >> the president seemed to indicate he thought it was a mistake for jeff sessions to recuse himself from the russia investigation. he said that his preference would have bye-bye to the contrary on camera. what does the president think about the fact that sessions will be testifying tomorrow and according to the department of justice wanted to testify in an open session rather than closed, classified session. >> the president has been clear last week in the rose garden that he believes that the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt with, there's been no collusion. he want. s this to get investigated as soon as possible and be done with it so it can continue with the business of the american people. >> the other headline, the state of maryland and the district of columbia following the lawsuit. seeking rulings on two points of
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the clause to the constitution. the rnc thinks this is bogus. >> the president's interests do not violate the clause for reasons at. length at the filing in their friday night filing with respect to the crew lawsuit. it's not hard to conclusion it may be one of the motivations behind the suit filed by two attorney generals. the lawyers are an edadvocacy group. it started with a press conference opposed to filing it, which is interesting in the suit challenges the sort of business transaction that everyone from enny who everybody issed in the last administration and others have engaged in while office. we'll continue to move to dismiss this case in the normal course of business.
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>> whether comey was lying to the senate, why leave this question open? >> the president made it clear what his intention is on friday. >> it's an open question. >> i understand that. he said he would answer that question in due time. >> but to follow up speaking of lawsuits for the ninth circuit, they came out and upheld the block of the travel ban. any response to that? >> we're currently reviewing that opinion. i think we can all attest these are dangerous times. we need every available tool at our disposal to prevent terrorist trs entering the united states and committing acts of violence. we continue to be confident that the executive order to protect this it country is fully lawful and will be upheld by the supreme court.
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>> the president has evidence what is he mawaiting for? >> so what is he wait iing for? what's the delay? >> he's not waiting for anything. when he's ready to discuss it, he will. he laid out his position clearly on friday. >> that ruling sites the president's tweet trs june 5th on the travel ban and sites your statement and this administration's statement are official statements. given that measure, given that the travel ban is a priority for the president, how is it that the president is not putting his own agenda in danger when it comes to his twitter habits. >> the bottom line is cases should be decided on the rule of law and on that and when you look at the -- when you look at what the law is and the u.s.
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code to allow that, that's what we're deciding on. any lawyer wort their salt agrees the president is within his rights and his responsibilities to do what is necessary to protect the country. >> to the twitter issue? >> what is the president's reaction to the russian government's crackdown on protests today? >> in general or with respect? >> in particular, but i assume that would be part of the overall. >> i just want to be clear we're talking about the same thing. the united states condemn of hundreds of peaceful protesters throughout russia that happened on june 12th. human rights observers and journalists is in a front to core democratic values. the united states will monitor the situation and we'll call on the government of russia to immediately release all peaceful protesters. the russian people deserve a
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government that supports an open marketplace of ideas, transparent and accountable governance, equal treatment under the law and the ability to exercise their rights without fear or retribution. >> the president mentioned a possess conference in a couple weeks. can you say where and when? has he made a decision about changing the policy? >> when we have an update, i'll let you know but we don't have one at this time. >> the president wants to see this russia investigation and all these investigations wrapped up as soon as possible. he said on friday that he would be willing to testify under oath. can you say when you'd be willing to do that? would he will be willing to do that to get this done as soon as possible? >> he was actually specifically asked whether or not he would talk to direct mueller. he made it clear what his position was. >> so he's not saying he would go before congress? >> i know what he said on friday in the rose garden is what he
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believes. >> two questions. does the president have a reaction to the vote in puerto rico yesterday calling for state hood. >> now that the people have spoken, this is something congress has to address. >> my other question was there are widespread stories and speculation when the president goes to miami this friday, he will undo the executive orders of the obama administration that these relations in cuba. can you confirm whether he will undo all of them or some of them. >> when we have an announce m, we'll let you know. but just stay tuned. we have a very busy week.
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when the president signs off on a foreign trip, how much does he factor in it his personal p popularity in this country? >> none. so with since you brought it up, just so we're clear on that, her majesty extended an invitation. he's accepted that. we look forward to scheduling that trip. there's nothing that was scheduled. we look forward to working out a mutually accepted date with the united kingdom and look forward to sharing that date. thank you. have a great monday. see you in wisconsin. >> pretty short and tweet from sean spicer. hitting on a couple topics. now we have learned the open hearings in front of the senate committee jeff sessions talking about that. talking about the additional ruling for the trump administration when it comes to
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the revised version of the travel ban. talked about that. questions continue about are there tapes and the white house recording conversations. punted that ball down the road. that answer will come in time. let's dive into all of this. i have a mega panel standing by. specifically on everyone will be listening tomorrow. right around this time tomorrow when mr. sessions will be testifying in this open hearing. do we know whether he will invoke executive privilege? sean spicer was asked that and his answer was it depends. >> he said it depends on the scope of the question. that means it might be invoking executive privilege depending on where the question is going or if there's some sort of blanket agreement going in. the other thing that sean
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mentioned was in open hearing tomorrow about what the president thought of that and all he had to say about that was we're aware of it. it's happening. we didn't really get much insight into the president's thinking because we do know that the president was none too thrilled about the fact that sessions recused himself to gip with and that's caused some strain in the relationship. >> do we know from your legal perspective, we all were sifting around in washington windchilling the testimony the day before. what if jeff sessions doesn't really say much. >> then he won't learn very much if he doesn't say very much. i think that the question of what will sessions say and whether or not there will be an innovation of executive privilege is going to be question by question determined. i think that the white house is preserving its right to assert executive privilege. whether it's properly asserted
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or not, if they ask for the deliberations between the attorney general and the president. if they are asking who, what, when, where fact type questions, the attorney general will have no choice but to answer them. but if they are asking what was the deliberative process between you and the president, we may find that the president is told sessions to assert the president's right to assert executive privilege. >> let me ask you a simple question. define executive privilege. just because he's talking to the president of the united states and anything in that realm equals executive privilege. how do you define that for the ag? >> the supreme court addressed the question and thats in this context really the deliberations between the president and his key top advisers as it relates to policy determinations. that's jrlly speaking protected by executive privilege. then there are ways it can be
11:20 am
overcome as if the example of if there's a law enforcement need for it. tell me what advice you were giving the president that may well be a proper basis for the president to say no attorney general, don't absentee that question. that conversation you and i had relate d to policy consideratios is something i want to keep protected and therefore, not revealed and privileged. >> got it. so then maeve reston, two questions off the top of my head that i know this country wants answers to, being specifically why was the a.g. lingering outside that oval office meeting between comey and the president? and did he feel and whablt the potential third meeting during the campaign between jeff sessions or senator sessions and the russian ambassador. will those questions be answered? >> i don't think think will be
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answered necessarily, but they will be asked. they are burning questions that we all have had. it's why over and over again the administration is being asked whether trump still has confidence in sessions and the other day the white house spokeswoman said there's confidence in everyone in his cabinet. so certainly those questions will be asked and i can imagine it's not going to be as explosive as the comey hearing was last week. sessions is there to protect the president. likely will very well do that. but maybe to that simple question that you raised why he lingered, what was going through his mind at that moment as he left the oval office e meeting between comey and trump. he might well have to answer that question tomorrow and that will give us one more little clue into what was happening there. >> what about this tapes
11:22 am
question? former undercover cia operative. the refusal to answer the question are there tapes? are white house conversations recorded? this is almost become a game. >> it's baffling. it's almost become comical if it's not so scary. that there's the voice from the white house saying we're going to look under the couch cushions and why can't that question be answered simply. i think another thing to consider, we have extraordinary circumstances tomorrow with sessions testifying. and what he chooses not to answer based on potential executive privilege. he might also choose not to answer publically based on a potential classified nature of the answer. and i think that he will resort to that quite a bit. the extraordinary circumstances are we have a huge counterintelligence issue surrounding this administration. so these are things that sessions might not even know the state of the investigation.
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he might not be able to answer because he's at the center of the investigation. >> let me play the exchange. i want to talk more about the tapes. this is sean spicer answering-ish, moments ago. >> does president trump have audio recordings with meetings with james comey? >> the president made clear last week he would have an an announcement shortly. >> any time line? >> when the president is ready to make it. >> why leave this e question open? >> the president made it clear. >> what is he waiting for? >> i think the president made it clear on friday that he would get back as soon as possible. what's e he waiting tr? what's the delay? >> he's not waiting for anything. when he's ready to discuss it, he will. he laid out his position clearly on friday. >> doing the show and listening to the president, i remember at the end of the romanian prime
11:24 am
minister at the rose garden he said you might be disappointed when i gay you the answer. do we have reporting on when the president is going to answer this question? >> we don't. this is something that trump is holding close to the vest for whatever reason. i don't know if he's trying to entertain the american people. it seems like a straight forward question to answer and a question that the american people deserve to know the answer to. that would be a huge part of the case. i tend to think he will kooep us in suspense for a lot longer. >> take a look at sean spicer there answering those questions. the difference in sean spicer when he gets a question reltsed
11:25 am
to the russian investigation or trump's behavior versus the other questions he was taking there, it's a noticeable difference. this is clearly not a realm that he seems comfortable to be in. we know that they have pivoted more of those questions to the outside counsel, but obviously, when the president does something like he did in the rose garden, it's appropriate to continue to ask the press secretary something like this. he just seemed to just try to get through that without adding any other data points. he clearly want this is to stay. >> how do you excerpt the idea that he's saying you're going to be disappointed. there's a million ways people could interpret that. for sean spicer to try to parse what that meant would be a a dangerous situation. there were a lot of before the
11:26 am
comey hearing, we were talking about how a lot of people were trying to discredit director comey even before this hearing. now ahead of this mega investigation and this special counsel in bob mueller, before comey, we already have republicans like the former house speaker trying to discredit him. republicans are delusional. if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. look who he is hiring. check fec reports. time to rethink. let's read the other one now. robert mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. his reputation is impeccable for honesty. the media should calm down.
11:27 am
michael, that's two different thoughts from the same man. >> we'll leave aside newt gingrich's multiple thought ppr. what we're seeing is trial balloons on a legal strategy that is not differently from what clintons did with respect to ken star. if you don't have either, create diversions. and if the possibility here is they don't have law, they don't have facts, what are they doing to do? the diversion is to go after comey and mueller. the difference is is palpable. mueller is unassailable.
11:28 am
whether or not they were federal election donations by member of the team isn't going to be an availing strategy. e we saw that with the interview with joy. now we have seen republican senators and house members push back as an effective strategy. >> david, do you agree and do you think we'll see more and more criticizing bob mueller? >> as was mentioned, it's certainly ab attempt to see how the strategy may play out. this pr strategy to take mueller down. none other than ken star himself touted mueller's character and what an incredible legal team he's put together. so when they aren't on the same
11:29 am
page, it's worth paying attention. i do think you're not hearing it from republican house and senate leaders. you're hearing it from folks that are allies trying to provide some cover figure to see if there's some political strategy here to try to take down mueller a peg or two. it's going to be difficult to execute that. >> let me bring in another voice. on the latest travel ban rule ing by the ninth circuit court. this on yet another setback for this white house. >> another court found the travel ban cannot stand. last month the court of appeals also found that the travel ban was unconstitutional. and this court has ruled on slightly different statutory grounds, but still largely affirming the district court in hawaii finding that this cannot stand federal immigration law says that the president can bar immigrants in certain
11:30 am
circumstances but he can't do it in a discriminatory way. >> part of this opinion and this was even asked of sean spicer. we talked about this in previous rulings where the president's own words or members of his own inner circle have worked against him. they cited this tweet from the president. that's right, we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries. not some politically correct term that won't protect our people. >> i think it shows an unnuanced view of world affairs. from an intelligence perspective, a large part of intelligence collection recruiting human sources is winning the minds and heart of people from the islamic community worldwide. and with an arbitrary strategically flawed policy of banning refugees and immigrants tr certain nations, that makes the jobs of cia officers, of all
11:31 am
intelligence collectors much harder overseas. i would like to add also with regard to the bipartisan bickering that takes place in these hearings, every time that happens putin and the russians are doing a little victory dance. because that works in putin's grand scale strategy in favor. he's playing skmes it looks like we're playing solitary. >> if i had a penny that everyone talked about putin and made your point. i agree. thank you all so very much on that. in the wake of this latest press briefing from the white house, let's move along. we have two more breaking stories to share with you. first two attorneys general suing president trump over his business ties. could this case lead to the mysterious tax returns. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do.
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welcome back to cnn. these are pictures from earlier today. this is the first time he's been with his full cabinet sitting there at the white house. went around the table ask talks to different cabinet members.
11:36 am
i set this up only to then show you a video from the senate minority leader chuck schumer, democrat, poking fun. >> i thank everybody for coming. i thought we would go around the room. how did we do on the sunday show? >> your tone was perfect. >> how did my hair look coming out of the gym? >> you have great hair. nobody has better hair. bl before we go any further, i just want to say thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda. >> david, you heard the giggles as the camera panned away from senator chooschumer. funny or not so funny? >> probably not so funny to trump, open mockery. but there is an issue here certainly which is that the skrats have argued that trump surrounded himself with people who will pledge their loyalty to
11:37 am
him. so they are making that point in a more humorous way and some people will think it's funny and the other half of the could be try probably won't. >> is that fair? >> is the mockery fair, sure. anybody can make fun of the president or any elected official. it's fair game. i'm sure it you watch donald trump's twitter feed, he will make fun right back who he calls chuck schumer a clown. donald trump spent a a lot of time talking about the obstructionist democrats. i don't think it should surprise anyone that the democrats wanted to hit pack a little bit. that they were able to put together that turn around video and impress the boss who after he did the whole joke you hear him say that's great. he was reviewing the staff's performance. maybe these are the levels
11:38 am
democrats have to go to to make news. >> the schumer/trump relationship is one that is very rocky in the last several months. and i don't think either side sees any benefit right now working with the other. >> standby to see if it he fires back. thank you very much. we have more breaking news. let's get you back to the story how we learned that two attorneys general are suing president trump over his business ties. this case could lead to the mysterious tax returns from donald trump. stay with me. umbrellas!!
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general of maryland and washington, d.c. just hit the president of the united states with a lawsuit. essentially accusing president trump of corruption and demanding his tax returns. here they were moments ago. >> never in the history of this country have we had a president with these kinds of extensive business entanglesments or a president who refused to adequately distance themselves from their holdings. >> the clauses are a fire wall against presidential corruption. and the one thing we know about president trump is he understands the value of walls. this is one he can't climb over and it's one he can't dig underneath. >> they maintain president trump violated clauses by accepting millions of dollars in payments and benefits from foreign governments to multiple trump properties including that luxury hotel in washington, d.c. and we just heard the white house response. here's sean spicer tr moments
11:44 am
ago. >> the president's interests as previously discussed do not violate the clause for reasons that the department of justice filing in their friday night filing with respect to the crew lawsuit, which is the first one. this lawsuit today is just another it ration of the case filed by that group filed by the same lawyers. the suit was filed by two attorneys generals. it actually started with a press conference as opposed to filing, which is interesting. >> with me now to discuss, the former u.s. ambassador to the czech republic and ethics disaster and chairman of the nonprofit that we just heard spicer mention. that organization served as counsel on a lawsuit the
11:45 am
attorneys general have filed. and brian lan sda is with us. really great to have both of you on. but just because we just heard sean spicer referencing were organization, you filed a similar lawsuit in january. respond to sean spicer and the white house, do you believe that the president is showing disregard for the constitution? >> there's no question about it, thanks for having me back. sean spicer is wrong. the constitution says the president cannot accept foreign government payments and benefits or those from the states of the union. he's doing it. there's no doubt he's doing it. as one of the clients today said, attorney general of d.c. it's as if he's hanging out a for sale sign on the lawn of the white house. you just. can't do that. we saw what the travel ban, this
11:46 am
is a president who doesn't care about constitutional violations and he's going to be slapped down the same way by general in this case as he was in that travel ban case now by two circuits. and i do have to correct several false statements in mr. spicer's remarks. first, crew is a bipartisan organization. myself and the push ethics czar serve on the board. second, there was no lawsuit that was filed after the press conference. the lawsuit was filed this the morning and as is normal we know the white house doesn't like when he talks to the res. as was normal, there's a press conference afterwards. and then final ly i have to say that i think the merits of the case are going to be demonstrated and the justice
11:47 am
department's brief from friday has been very widely criticized because the exceptions would consume the rule the justice department has gone too far. so that's where the case stands. and i should add one last thing. it's not the same lawyer. noo new york you have hotels and restaurants who are represented by one set of counsel. here you have two states who are represented by ags. crew is outside counsel in both. >> you can totally respond and the for sale sign outside the white house. how do you see it? >> it's silsly. this is partisan at its best. you stated earlier in a couple previous segments this is about the tax returns. the bottom line is the american public is already made their decision on tax returns. it wasn't important for them to have access to it as they are making a decision. they are very comfortable with the decision they made.
11:48 am
as for the partisan politics, there's two office holders that push forward. we know how this is going to end. they want to keep bringing up these issues going forward. we're going to let the legal process take its course and i'm not an attorney, but my understanding is the way this is going to work is they are going to look at the facts and decide that trump has put together a managed trust that's handle d b his kids. he's allowed to communicate and done everything in the law required of him. what we saw in the attorneys generals was arguments stating that case. >> what is this really about? >> this is about defending the constitution. just like the muslim ban cases, the president is violating a core constitutional principle you can't take the foreign and
11:49 am
other governmental payments. this is like the muslim ban case. it's not a close question. and he's a conservative republican. i'm a democrat. crew is a nonpartisan organization. the constitution applies to all americans. no individual is above the law. the president has had a seerds. that's how he got an obstruction trouble. because he has disdain for the law. and the common thread, the mystery you pointed it out before. is he receiving as his sons have said russian his one said a russian finance is very important to businesses. they made a number of references to that. we don't know the answer. is the common threat. >> we're going to let that investigation play out.
11:50 am
>> here's my question. i want to ask how could the president be totally separated from his business when his sons are still giving him updates? >> let's address this. the president has set aside an ethics lawyer to work him through the process. we have never had this situation before because we have never had a president financially successful in the business world where he has complex organizations and businesses out there. that's why he set up the parameters that existed in december. we have seen them. the process is what the process is. we're dealing with partisan politics. you may say we have bipartisan politics, but you have a bush administration person who certainly doesn't give us any latitude with anything. they have their agenda to slow down the agenda here in washington, d.c. which is to bring the necessary changes so the middle class can be restored. if it's a lawsuit today or tomorrow, they don't care.
11:51 am
that's their priority to slow down any progress that the american people voted for in november. >> just quickly. the president wants to stay clean on all things business related, why is he getting updates? >> we don't know he is. >> we do know the sons have admitted it. >> they are briefing him and giving him financial information and it's terribly wrong. he shouldn't be able to get chinese trademarks they denied and given. they gave those to his daughter. the saudis have spent a quarter of a million dollars. it's an outrageous violation of our constitution. it will be slapped down. i think these are two brave public servants who stepped forward. and the courts are going to slap this violation down just like they did the muslim ban. >> we have been waiting for a long time for people to push back on president trump. we have seen it during the campaign and it's a lot harder than i think it is and it's
11:52 am
going to be batted down. >> thank you both. we'll be watching carefully. we want to get back to breaking news. more today, will jeff sessions when he testifies tomorrow, will he invoke executive privilege when he testifies thistime tomorrow before the senate intelligence committee? the white house moments ago in answering that question said it depends. it depends. plus why is the white house being so secretive when it comes to the president's golf outings. especially after donald trump criticized then president obama of playing golf too much. we'll ask that. now you drive 300to be fmiles to watch this. yes, nice pop toss! flag dancing? we've been there. and with free hot breakfast and a warm welcome, we'll be there for you. hampton by hilton.
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president trump vowing to testify under oath after calling james comey's testify a lie. >> so e he lied about that? >> i didn't say that. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. >> the president says 100%. so the president does testify under oath it would not be the first time he's been sworn in to tell the truth. and the result thus far have been mixed. >> raise your right happened. >> do you swear the testimony you're about to give the truth shs the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> i do. >> you saw 2016 from when then candidate trump answered questions about his campaign remarks disparaging mexicans and that was part of a lawsuit against a chef who pulled out of trump's new hotel in washington,
11:57 am
d.c. that case was settled out of court. trump did not fair as well in oath in 2005 when he sued my next guest for liable. tim o'brien is the author of the biography "trump nation", the art of being the donald. so talk to me about that experience and how he admitted to lying. >> he admitted he had to acknowledge 30 lies on matters big and small. he acknowledged he lied about his ownership stake in a major development on the west side of manhattan. he acknowledged he lied about how big the trump organization was. he acknowledged he lied about how many debts he had and about his wealth. he acknowledged lying about needing to borrow money from his family when he almost went bankrupt. he lied about the fees he got for speeches. >> so big and small lies, it all came out. >> and the problem in our deposition was my lawyers were very well prepare d. and they had documentation.
11:58 am
e we had business records, banking records, receipts for payments, et cetera. so we simply put questions in front of him that he had to answer that ran contrary to this long history of in public. >> the other thing you have dealt with is the tape issue. you didn't then donald trump say -- what did he say? >> when we'd speak on the phone, we spoke frequently, multiple times a week. he said you don't mind if i record this. and i'd say no. he said i may be recording this. i said that's fine. i was recording things too. >> but he wasn't. >> he wasn't. we finally during the deposition said to him, you said on multiple times that you were taping me. obviously, we wanted some of those tapes ourselves for the litigation. and he had to say, no, i didn't have a taping system in trump tower and have never had one. >> you're convinced even though
11:59 am
we don't know yet, are there tapes, you're convinced they don't exist. >> i don't think jim comey has to worry there are tapes. the weirder thing about all of this is the white house continues to make this into a reality tv show game. sean spicer, the press conference today was asked do the tapes exist. he said as the resident told you on friday we will e know in a couple weeks. and it's not really the kind of comportment we're used to seeing in the oval office. >> so that's the thing that irks all of us. and they just finally under the category of lying or just lack of truth, however you want to say it, the golf outings. the president has been golfing 32 times it's been tallied. it's acknowledging, when reporters go to the white house and ask what the president has been up to on the weekend, they
12:00 pm
will not acknowledge because of the hypocrisy for hitting the links. >> precisely because of that. there's a long record of trump going after president obama for being less than dedicated to the hard work of being the president. and obama didn't golf nearly as much as president trump. he lives on the golf course on weekends. and i think this larger issue about the big and small lies is he's under investigation potentially for everything he's said in the past year or so. and i think he has to be careful he doesn't wind up discovering he purgered himself in the court of some of these things because he doesn't distinguish between big and little lying because it's a routine part of how he rolls every day. >> what's the hyperbole, the art of